Asan Quran Download

Asan Quran is Quran with urdu translation. You can download it and read it offline. Its features include easy Browsing through, Bookmarks facility and Zooming options. Check out Tiltle Page.

Asan Quran can be downloaded by following 4 easy steps described below.

Step 1: Download Main Program.

Step 2: Follow either of the options depending on your connection speed!

Option 1 ( for medium speed internet connection users) Download Data Packs (each containing 10 parahs) by clicking the links ( 1-10) (11-20) (21-30)
Option 2 (for high speed internet connection users) Download Data Pack (containing all 30 parahs) by clicking the link Download entire Quran.(


Step 3: Install the Main Program.

Step 4: Install the downloaded Data Packs.

NOTE: If you find any problem during installation or afterwards please check Help and Support section.

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