Tanzeem-e-Islami Denmark

Tanzeem Islami Denmark consists of Muslims from diverse backgrounds. It was founded in Denmark by some immigrants from the Muslim world in 1978. It is an independent and self-acting organization.

Basic Points of  Manifesto

To get this objective Tanzeem-e-Islami  Denmark calls upon the Muslims:

1.       To go obedient to Allah Almighty

2.       And free their lives from contradictions, hypocrisy and dichotomy of word and action and thus live like a true Muslim.

3.       Calls upon you to come forward and end the influence of proponents of falsehood, the sinful, and non practising Muslims from prevalent system of life and in place, transfer the leadership from both theoretical and practical point of views, to those who are true believers and pious ones.

This third object can be achieved only when a group of pious Muslims is organized in their ranks who is free from hypocrisy and meets high standard of ethics. Not only this, he should be unique man of all those capabilities which are must to run the system of life.

Islam is the largest minority religion in Denmark. According to the U.S. Department of State, approximately 3.7% of the population in Denmark is Muslim.

Religious freedom is guaranteed by law in Denmark, and as of 2005, nineteen different Muslim religious communities had status as officially recognized religious societies. During the 1980s and 1990s a number of Muslims  came to Denmark.

The majority of Muslims who immigrated to Denmark did so as part of family reunification

Tanzeem-e-Islami Denmark  taking into consideration the specifics of the Islamic presence in the Denmark and those of the Islamic cultural scenario (the problems of socialization of the new generations, the attempts of coercive integration, cultural identity crisis and the loss of contact with the authentic Islamic referentiality). Tanzeem is also taking into consideration the diversity of the following elements in prospective of Islam

– Issues and concerns of Muslims,

– European countries,

– Dimensions of problems,

– Country of origin,

– Language,

– Culture,

– School education,

– Challenges in host countries.


Muslims in Denmark (and in the West in general) are facing many challenges, including questions about:

# Identity. Could it be that Danish reconciled with being a Muslim simultaneously, or is there a contradiction between those two?

# Security. After the terrorist attacks in New York, London and Madrid, the Western community was busy with the presence of Muslims here constitute a safety hazard.

# Islamophobia. The extreme right-wing forces are on the march in Europe, combined with a certain policy, has resulted in a climate of distrust of Muslims.

# Misconceptions and ignorance about Islam. Due to this climate and some Muslims wrong actions are many misconceptions about Islam arose among native Westerners. Terms such as  Shariah ,  jihad  and  hijab  and more, often associated with barbarism and oppression.


These and other challenges must be met with wisdom, sagacity and patience. This requires, first and foremost a thorough understanding of such these issues and Islam the answers to these. Without clarity on these Muslims will both feel uncomfortable and find it difficult to behave in society, because neither isolation or assimilation is the way forward according to our opinion. In contrast, an active involvement and participation in community affairs, a prerequisite for change in a positive direction and the forming of a just society that accommodates everyone. We believe that a positive contribution and breath of fresh air in this regard requires a strong and robust Islamic leanings. Therefore, we also aim to develop conscious and God-fearing individuals.

Action Plan:

Realization of these ideas in life and society requires a strategy. Our strategy is based on the Quran and Sunnah, ie the presentation of the Islamic message to the people, those who accept the message, crystal Isere fundamental Islamic thoughts for them so they think and act on the basis of these and will be able to present the Islamic values and principles to people, media and politicians on the best way.

Location: Masjid ul Nur,

Blågårdsgade 8

2200  København,  N



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